Owning a vacation rental can be exciting, rewarding, and profitable. The potential for heavy foot traffic is high and a floor is one of the most impacted parts of any home. Having the proper flooring for this kind of repetitive use will help increase the ROI on your vacation rental and mitigate maintenance and renovation costs in the future. Functional flooring is a passion for us at Commercial Flooring Services, and we strive to offer the best solution for any home and every use. Let’s take a look at some tried and true floor options we recommend for vacation rental owners. 


Vinyl is a man-made product comprised of different layers of material that give it its combined strength and aesthetics. These include a layer of printed design mimicking the look and texture of tile or wood, and a layer designed to withstand the wear and tear inherent in day-to-day use. This layer makes vinyl flooring waterproof and damage-resistant, while the printed layer offers thousands of design options. In addition to style, vinyl comes in both glue-down and click-together varieties, so different installation concerns can be addressed by your flooring contractor

For many reasons, vinyl is an excellent choice for a vacation rental, and it can have an expected lifetime of 20 years or more. Maintenance is straightforward and intuitive. Normal sweeping and mopping will suffice, and you won’t have to worry about renters or a housekeeping service using an inappropriate cleaner, as you might with hardwood or stone tile. In addition, vinyl is a very affordable option and installation is more expedient than many other flooring materials. This means your new floor can be installed on a tight budget and timeline, and could possibly be scheduled in between rentals. 

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

A time-tested choice for both aesthetics and durability, ceramic tile is a go-to choice for a reason. Although more involved to install and potentially more expensive than vinyl, its advantages in other areas help to offset these concerns. With proper installation and maintenance, these tiles will remain waterproof and beautiful for decades. They are impact and scratch-resistant, which is one of the main reasons tile can last for so long. In addition, the multitude of styles and sizes available allows for nearly unlimited design possibilities. 

Ceramic and porcelain are excellent choices for areas that will see heavy use or prolonged exposure to water, such as mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Another benefit of tile in wet environments is the ability to choose options with slip-resistant surfaces. In these areas, tile can be used for the baseboard, adding a bit of design flair and providing added protection where the wall meets the floor. There are more tile choices available for those on a budget.


Epoxy floor coatings may not be as well known as tile and vinyl, but it is an excellent choice that seamlessly blends durability and design. Epoxy can be both affordable and stylish. That, combined with the speed of installation, has increased epoxy’s popularity. When properly applied, epoxy can last for many years. Depending on the size of the floor, the application can potentially be completed in a single day. A wide variety of colors and styles are available, from standard to fully custom. 

In areas like rec rooms, garages, and patios, epoxy can really shine. It is available in weather-resistant options and has the same cleaning requirements as vinyl, just sweep and mop. Bright floor colors can liven up an area and make it more attractive to potential renters when they view the property online. Another advantage for vacation rentals is refinishing an epoxy floor is much quicker than other materials, such as hardwood.

When preparing your vacation rental for upcoming renters, remember that a floor can be much more than just a floor. With the right touch, it can add vibrancy to your space and be as functional as you need it to be while minimizing your long-term investment. Commercial Floor Services is happy to provide our customers with our industry-leading professionalism. Let us take your vacation rental to the next level!