In recent years, epoxy floors have become as popular with homeowners as they are with businesses, and it’s easy to see why. Epoxy’s blend of durability, low maintenance, and eye-catching, customizable designs have enabled it to bridge the gap from industrial and commercial applications, such as hospitals and showrooms, to the residential homeowner. Now gaining traction for use in residential kitchens, garages and other high traffic areas of the home, this versatile flooring is coming into its own. Commercial Floor Services would like to share some exciting trends in the world of epoxy that you can keep in mind for your next project! 


Metallic epoxy designs are created with the same epoxy resin as other design choices, but include a pearlescent metallic pigment. This additive gives the epoxy a highly polished appearance and a three-dimensional feel. Options include single colors that can be customized or designs that mimic the look of crashing waves and other unique choices. Offering a lustrous finish, metallic epoxy is as applicable in the kitchen as it is for the garage. The near limitless combinations of colors and techniques allow you to create something that is truly your own.

Decorative Flakes

Creating a floor that is both appealing and subdued is not always an easy design task, but adding decorative flakes to epoxy can achieve exactly that. Depending on the amount of flake desired, a terrazzo or granite look can be achieved. Another advantage of using decorative flakes is its ability to give the floor a slight texture. This can be helpful in areas where there is high traffic and slip resistant surfacing is desired. Decorative flakes are an excellent addition to your epoxy floor because of the extensive variety of colors and sizes. 

Neutral Colors

A choice that can remain relevant throughout interior design changes, solid neutral colors allow the homeowner a great deal of flexibility. This can be especially beneficial for those who like to periodically switch things up with their furnishings, or for homeowners who are renovating and looking at selling their property. Grays and browns are classic choices in this category, but some other options like light lavender can also accomplish the goal of a neutral color. Sometimes less is more, and with neutral color choices, you can maximize that wise adage.

Faux Marble

Marble, a metamorphic rock that originates as limestone, has been a valued building material for centuries and is revered for its beauty. Although it is more accessible than ever, it’s still a labor-intensive material to install. Epoxy flooring can give you a similar look but without the cost, effort, and maintenance of traditional marble. The color choices are virtually limitless thanks to epoxy’s flexibility in this area, and the finished product can range from classy and subtle to dramatic and dazzling. This is an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where marble is often used, but it can be applied anywhere to add beauty and elegance.

The residential market for epoxy floors is expanding, and professional contractors are creating beautiful surfaces with this incredibly versatile material every day. Thanks to that, and the fact that it is one of the most maintenance free flooring choices available, Commercial Floor Services encourages you to consider epoxy for your next flooring project. 

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