It’s time for a new floor, and whether you’re involved in new construction or a remodel, this is the perfect time to add some flair to your interior design. Commercial Floor Services has the options and ideas to take your project to the next level! 

Sometimes overshadowed by other design elements, the effect of a creative floor cannot be underestimated. Whether wood, tile, vinyl, carpet or concrete, incorporating an artistic flooring design can add appeal to any living space and boost your home equity.

There is a range of layout options when it comes to flooring, from dazzlingly eye-catching to subtly appealing. A simple floor can become much more when coupled with complimentary colors and details such as corresponding baseboards.


The first decision you’ll need to make is what type of material to use. There are considerations that can narrow down your selection, such as project budget and what area of the home the floor is in. 


Vinyl is a great choice if you’re looking for a quick installation or on a budget. There are many styles to choose from including replicas of many popular types of wood and tile, which means you can use the same design patterns as those other materials. In addition to being affordable and easy to install, vinyl is also scratch and stain-resistant.


A favorite for floors, tile can stand the test of time. When properly installed it is waterproof, impact-resistant, and comes in a variety of styles and sizes. There are many designs available due to the selection of colors and shapes, and the pattern options are also plentiful. 


A staple in many homes due to its degree of comfort and affordability, carpet has come a long way. Modern choices are more durable and eco-friendly and they offer a wide variety of design options. This classic material has something for everyone, from colors to patterns.


One of the most iconic flooring choices available, wood is another material that can last for the lifetime of your home. When it gets older, it is possible to refinish it to the original luster, and the warm feeling of the wood makes it a classic choice. Although there are not as many patterns available compared to tile, you still have options, and the different types of wood offer a variety of colors.


Depending on your space, a concrete floor can offer aesthetics and practicality. Its durability is apparent, but the variety of dyes and finishes make it truly customizable. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and earthy or vibrant and modern, concrete is a great flooring option, and some variations are more affordable than tile or wood.


Now that you’ve got the material selected for your floor, it’s time to narrow down a design. With concrete, this would mean color and finish options. With other materials the choices would also include layout patterns.


When planning your floor, one of the primary considerations is the pattern, and this will be limited, to a certain extent, by the type of materials. Some fun patterns for wood and vinyl floors include herringbone and basket weave variations. Specific styles of vinyl can also have the same options as tile. Here, some creative pattern choices here are the running bond, pinwheel and 45 degrees or diamond style. You can also add a bit of flair by incorporating a border into your pattern. Whether using contrast or the exact same material, a border can add a bit of class and help draw attention to the pattern itself.


Color choices can take an exciting material or layout and turn it up. For instance, a diamond pattern with square tile has an appeal all its own, but what about turning it into a checkerboard by alternating two different colors? The same can be said for a herringbone pattern with wood or vinyl. Color choices can either keep a floor discrete or make it jump out, complement your furnishings or contrast with them. These options will help give your home the feel you’re looking for.

A floor can be so much more than the surface we walk on each day. With the right design and material selections, it can become a design statement and Commercial Floor Services is here to help you make your mark! Reach out to us today and get your dream floor started!