Here at Commercial Floor Services, we know firsthand that commercial businesses often have unique flooring needs, especially when compared to residential spaces. Durability and maintenance are of paramount importance as commercial spaces usually see heavier use and more foot traffic. Other concerns to business owners and managers include the business’s downtime due to installation. Here are three considerations when seeking professional consultation regarding new flooring for a business.


One of the important considerations for commercial spaces is the overall durability and regular upkeep requirements inherent with each material. Often the most robust and carefree option lies in the simplicity of epoxy-coated concrete. Cleaning and protecting this choice is straightforward, and all-season weather-resistant options are available. This makes it a prominent selection for industrial purposes such as a warehouse. Another benefit is that epoxy-coated concrete is available in an ever-increasing catalog of colors and styles, allowing the customer to choose an appearance that will accent existing furnishings and branding. This style and application flexibility make epoxy coatings an excellent option for every type of business, from a workshop to a boutique.

Another choice with an exceptional balance of affordability and longevity is vinyl. It comes available in styles that range from simulated wood to stone and beyond. Installation is faster and more cost-effective than traditional wood and tile. At the same time, repairs and upkeep are also more affordable. These reasons are why many who desire the look of bamboo, marble, and other natural materials will choose a vinyl lookalike for their business. 


A common concern when looking at flooring for a commercial application is the impression the floor will make on potential or existing customers or clients. In certain spaces, a warm or welcoming feel is as important as durability or cost, such as in a children’s daycare or a coffee shop. In these situations, a balance of functionality and presentation can be essential to the business’s success. For instance, in a restaurant, the increased maintenance and installation costs required for hardwood, when compared to concrete, may be worth the tradeoff for the warmer ambiance. Similarly, a therapist’s office may benefit the most from carpet due to its softer feel and noise dampening qualities compared to another option like a ceramic tile, despite carpet’s generally higher maintenance requirements.

Many material manufacturers produce commercial or industry-specific versions of carpet, tile, vinyl, and more. These products can give the business space the desired look while addressing more pragmatic concerns like maintenance and stain resistance. 


Any installation project within a commercial space means that time is of the essence. It is difficult or even impossible to keep a business running normally while a new floor goes in, so the speed of the installation is a primary concern. Some materials may have desirable benefits but, due to the more involved installation, are prohibitive to a business that cannot shut down for a long time. In these circumstances, vinyl and epoxy flooring can shorten the project timeline to be more manageable. Depending on the scope of the job and for those that have the need, Commercial Floor Services can offer epoxy coatings that are completed in a single day.

Although there are a variety of pros and cons regardless of the material, consulting with a flooring professional can help guarantee that you balance all of the considerations and receive the best floor for your business. Commercial Floor Services has experience in a variety of residential and commercial projects, and we are happy to help guide you toward the best solution for your business’s needs!