Everyone loves a good DIY project, and it seems that you can find a how-to video online for just about everything these days. So when does it make sense to reach out to a professional when updating your home? We at Commercial Floor Services have been professional contractors in the flooring industry leader for many years, and we are happy to help guide you through making the best decision when you’re considering a new floor!

Floor Longevity 

Regardless of the material, all finished floors should last as long as the flooring materials are guaranteed. This can be hindered by a number of factors, some of which might surprise the would-be do-it-yourselfer. For instance, if any kind of adhesive is used, including mortar, the surface must be thoroughly and appropriately prepared and factors such as humidity and temperature must be taken into consideration. 

There are a number of criteria that determine the expected lifetime of a floor, and an online DIY education runs the risk of missing something important during the installation phase. These concerns will be familiar territory for an experienced installer, and they will understand how to address each one, so the integrity of the new floor isn’t compromised. 

Unforeseen Complications

Another advantage of using a professional flooring contractor is their practical experience. When unforeseen situations arise, they know how to troubleshoot and determine the best solution. A new floor installation is not always straightforward, and sometimes these issues can prevent a project from progressing as planned. 

The quality of the surface that you lay your floor over is of great importance. This can be especially nuanced when remodeling older homes. The structural integrity of the subfloor may not be established until the previous floor is removed or when the installation of a new floor begins. A variety of issues, such as damaged plywood or concrete, can plague a floor if not dealt with correctly from the beginning of the project. This is another area where a professional contractor will have the experience to handle whatever issues may arise, saving you time and stress. Additionally, a professional contractor will have the proper insurance to cover any unfortunate events, protecting you and them. 

Your Time 

Your time is your most valuable asset. When doing a DIY project, the timeline to completion can be greatly lengthened by the learning curve inherent in doing something new. This may not always be an issue, but if you have an in-progress kitchen or bathroom floor, the inconvenience can become a hindrance to daily living. Most DIY projects are done in addition to a homeowner’s regular employment, which leaves limited time for making progress. Prolonging a flooring project can result in repetitious cleaning or prepping, and the longer a floor remains undone the more susceptible it is to damage. A floor is not stable until it is complete, and a professional contractor will be aware of this and have your job finished as quickly as possible. 

Another consideration is that a do-it-yourselfer could be unaware of the mistakes they are making. Mistakes can potentially lead to having to start over. While this is the worst-case scenario, it should be taken into account as the loss of so much time and material should be avoided at all costs.

Quality assurance and project expediency are the hallmarks of a professional contractor, and this is especially important for floor installations. When looking at your next flooring project, contact Commercial Floor Services. We look forward to sharing our many years of experience with you!