Tiling a bathroom is ideal for revitalizing your living space and Commercial Flooring Services has the expertise and choices to make the process seamless! As a room we use every day, the benefit of creating a comfortable environment cannot be underestimated. Bathrooms can be as diverse as their owners, and there’s no limit to how creative you can get. 

1: Versatility on all levels

Tile is an excellent choice for bathrooms due to its longevity, durability, slip-resistant options, and the ability to withstand repeated exposure to water. It can cover nearly any surface, and there are a wide variety of edging and other finishing options available.

It is also a perfect choice in this area of the home because it can be used on floors, showers, walls, intricate backsplashes, and the top of vanities. The versatility of tile allows for a coordination of design that is not easily attainable with other flooring materials. Styles, colors, and patterns can all be aligned from the floor up, offering as many options as a homeowner can imagine. In addition, tiles can be cut to size, creating further design options and flexibility. 

2: Blends with existing designs

The advantage of tile as a building material is the nearly limitless possibilities due to the variety of styles, shapes and colors. A practical benefit of this versatility is to coordinate a new design with existing elements in your bathroom. Do you love the quartz vanity you already have, but the ceramic tile on the floor or in the shower not so much? There is likely a quartz tile that will blend or contrast perfectly with your vanity. Did the previous homeowner remodel the shower with a chic modern porcelain but never get around to the floor? Again, tile is almost certain to have an option that will work for you. 

This flexibility also has its benefits in other areas. For instance, if your bathroom floor is in need of an immediate upgrade, but at some point, you would like to do your shower but currently don’t have the budget, solutions are available. For instance, you can update the floor now and purchase extra tiles to incorporate into your shower later.  

3: Non-traditional options

Today there are more variations in the styles of tile than ever before. Many manufacturers now offer nearly endless shapes and colors. They have also produced tile that mimics other materials like wood planks. This can make for a highly unique bathroom design with the feel of a traditional spa but none of the upkeep that actual wood would require in a bathroom environment. 

Another modern option is tile made from or that incorporates glass, metal, or other non-traditional materials. These complex patterns are glued together on a mesh sheet, usually in 1’x1’ sections, making installation relatively quick and easy. These are great for spicing up backsplashes, niches, and acting as standalone mosaics. 

When it’s time to give your old bathroom a tile makeover, contact Commercial Floor Services and we’ll give you the professional consultation and installation your project deserves!